More not less science

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Bloody Tories, Capitalism, Education, Finance, Health, Lib Dems, Politics, Science, Sexuality
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Well, reading the paper gave me a load of WHAAAAT moments this evening…

People are coming out of the woodwork in support of the tuition fees increase suddenly, as Thursday looms ahead of us. This time, it’s ‘increase fees or see places cut in half,’ because clearly the cuts to higher education/hugely inflated adminisitrative costs of universities and government are fair and not worth complaining about so it becomes a zero-sum game. We’ve got a false dichtonomy being dragged up between increasing fees and decreasing social mobility when in reality both increased fees or less places would decrease social mobility.

Also, apparently a ‘stray’ is now the term for a straight man who ‘acts gay,’ whatever that means. The article indulges in all the old gay man=feminine/straight man=masculine stereotypes, sigh. Newsflash – sure, some gay men act as you’ve characterised them. Others do not. Humans are diverse. Gay men are human. Besides that, so are straight men. Some straight men act ‘masculine’, others don’t. It’s all fine. It’s all part of the amazing spectrum of human experience. Quit the stereotypes.

And, in a final WHAT THE HELLLLL moment, the UK Government has decided it no longer needs scientific help when deciding what to do about drugs. The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill would abolish the requirement for at least six doctors and scientists to sit on the Government’s twenty-member Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. It will allow Home Secretary Theresa May to ban drugs for up to a year without even consulting the advisory panel, and allows the Government to appoint anyone to the panel anyway.

Drugs policy is hard to talk about, but there’s a lot of false scaremongering around. The press really do not help, and doing away with the requirement for scientific advice is not a good thing. What the Government needs is more scientists who can look at things with a skeptical, analytical, logical mind and advise accordingly, not less.

  1. […] cheering to see that, after deciding pah! We don’t need no scientists on the drugs advice council!, the decision has been taken to appoint an anti-drugs hardliner to the ACMD. Because after taking […]

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