Posted: December 9, 2010 in Bloody Tories, Capitalism, Education, Finance, Lib Dems, Politics
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It passed Commons. By less than the Coalition’s majority, but it still passed. 323 to 302. The Lib Dems divided over this issue of university fees, with some planning to vote for, some to abstain and some, including two of the party’s former leaders, planning to oppose. It seems that some Conservatives may have opposed it; some certainly spoke against it in the debate.

It has yet to pass the Lords. Unfortunately, my faith in the Lords is extremely… non-existent, shall we say. I have heard people defend it as a unique institution of expertise and experience – as far as I’m concerned, it’s a unique institution of huge privilege and I don’t believe it will defend those without that privilege, especially if even our elected representatives don’t. And let’s just laugh at the idea that the Queen will refuse to let it pass; the monarch hasn’t done that in… a very long time, and it’s unlikely she even has the power to do that these days.

So yes. English students are not in a nice situation. The reform is increasingly looking like a product of ideology rather than practicality, as huge amounts of public unrest confront the Government. As vital minds, talents and skills are denied the chance for development and nurture, which will lead to problems for the whole country since, contrary to many people’s beliefs, it isn’t just the graduate that benefits from a university education. As the misgiving emerges that, in today’s job market, many graduates will simply be unable to pay their fees off after leaving and thus leave the country worse off. As it is pointed out that social mobility will decrease. As capitalism takes another huge step into everyone’s lives.

Protests are still going on. Who can blame them? The violence is regrettable, but the anger is justified.


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