And yet more evidence that the university fees increase and the measures designed to prevent a decrease in social mobility won’t work. It is estimated that at fees of £6000 a year, 8333 students could be funded by the scholarship fund for free school meals students, which is a common measure of wealth – but last year, 10670 students who had been in receipt of free school meals graduated. This while the article about this scholarships scheme is still on the BBC Education front page…

The idea of diamond planets is intriguing and incredible.

Tis the season to be jolly and start looking back over the year, and so all the sexist, heteronormative, fucking misogynistic, belittling and horrendous articles on the year’s fashion, parties and gifts are out in force. First link is a load of fashion ‘shocks’, which engages in body policing, belittlement of women’s choices and gender policing as well as a whole load of other bullshit. Second one completely ignores the idea that just maybe, your partner might not be a straight member of the ‘opposite’ sex. Third one made me very angry indeed – it’s basically a men’s guide to buying lingerie. Yeah, I don’t think I need to say anymore…

On the subject of sexism, Miliband (Ed) is really not showing up well. That’s a whole load of casual, entrenched patriarchy in them there quotes.


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