More on the Powys case

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Bodies, Gender, Law, Relationships, Sexual violence
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Trigger warning for discussion of rape (sorry I didn’t put it up earlier)

We have an update on this case, in which a woman was jailed after being coerced into retracting rape allegations. It seems that her husband, against whom the allegations were made, broke bail conditions, but no official action was taken over it, which allowed him to manipulate her into retracting allegations and thus forcing the police to drop the case.

But yet, she still has a criminal conviction. For the crime of being human, and being violated, and being hurt, and being vulnerable. For being put into a situation in which she was the victim. It’s wholly ridiculous. And also… he has custody of the children, which she is currently trying to change.

Honestly, ‘no longer seen as a credible witness.’ Here we’re getting down to the idea of ‘The Rape Victim,’ and the mistreatment of those who deviate from that ideal. In what way does being affected and intimidated by someone who evidently was abusive at a point when she shouldn’t have even been in contact with him make her a less credible witness?

  1. Dreki says:

    Really should be called the injustice system. Just so that it’s not a misnomer.

    Having to retract allegations you know are true is traumatic enough. Now we add on criminalizing it, yeah, real great way to make sure that we don’t victim blame.

    • JKBC says:

      Yeah – and then people wonder why there’s such a low rate of reportage for rape. When the conviction rate is ridiculously low and there’s cases like this one going on, who can blame people for being unwilling to be retraumatised by reporting it and exposing themselves to this kind of situation.

  2. Dreki says: you might want to read that, it’s from someone who’s trying to fight for a girl who was (allegedly?) raped by a celebrity over twitter and what she’s gone through and why she’s still going through it. Okay, no, you dont’ want to read it because it’s horrible that this is happening to anyone and it’s even more horrible that it really CAN’T be 1/1000000th of what rape victims go through. But it’s really moving.

    • JKBC says:

      The whole behaviour of a lot of people over that case has been outrageous. Sady Doyle is incredible brave for standing against some of them and saying no, this is wrong.

  3. […] has disturbing echoes of this case, when a woman in Powys was convicted for being pressured into retracting charges. LikeBe the first […]

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