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Posted: December 31, 2010 in Bloody Tories, Capitalism, Finance, Lib Dems, Politics, Racism, Relationships
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The paradox of the massive cutting by the Government and their idea of the ‘Big Society’ is pointed out to the Government. Maybe they’ll actually listen when it’s their pet idea at stake and someone who they like saying it. The key word in that sentence is maybe, with a pessimistic inflection on it.

Yesterday I read an article about a couple, one of whom lives in France. His parents are trying to use a Napoleonic law that allows parents to challenge their offspring’s marriage even if said offspring is a legal adult to try to prevent them marrying. Why? His fiancée is Chinese, and they think she’s only marrying him for the Visa. Talk about bloody xenophobia. This is the stereotype of all people of other countries, especially women, especially from Eastern countries, as prepared to marry anyone just to be allowed to immigrate, a stereotype that rejects out of hand the idea that there could possibly be mutual cross-cultural love and reveals a degree of nationalism. Also – they’re both adults. No Napoleonic law should be able to change that – why is it even still on the books? If they want to marry each other, they are, as my grandmother would say, big enough and ugly enough to make that choice. No matter the reasons for the marriage. Comes down to autonomy 101.

Stating the obvious here; unemployment is linked to mental health problems and Wales has been hit particularly hard by this because Wales has been particularly hard-hit by unemployment. I have massive privilege in this respect as I am comfortably in education; that doesn’t mean I can ignore the issue. Neet status (Not in Employment, Education or Training) in youth often has a massive impact on future prospects; the longer people are out of work, the longer they are likely to stay out of work, and this effect is particularly pronounced in young people. Young people who didn’t ask to be coming into adulthood through a recession and savage Governmental cuts.

  1. Kit Beard says:

    Mental health problems are also linked to unemployment. It seems like no-one will employ anyone with a gap in their employment history if they can find someone who can account for all their working life (and with the current quantity of jobseekers, that’s quite easy). The stress of hunting for a job has made my mental health worse, but it was never fabulous in the first place.

    • JKBC says:

      Yes; and the Government are still consistently not getting it by trying to get people currently on Incapacity Benefit onto Jobseeker’s Allowance and back into work, ignoring problems like this. (Gaa Iain Duncan Smith Tory fool…) The number of jobseekers means that a lot of people who are already marginalised are getting passed over for jobs; I believe a ridiculous number of people in my local area applied for a single job, and I can imagine that the person who got it would probably be one of the most privileged people who applied.

  2. Kit Beard says:

    The Human Resources department at my dad’s work are overstretched because of the number of applicants they are getting and the difficulty in deciding between them. There are a third as many jobs on offer as last year, yet there are more application forms arriving.

    I made a post about the proposed benefit reform in the UK here. I’m not impressed by IDS’s ideas either.

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