Posted: January 21, 2011 in Health, Politics, Science, Sexuality
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It’s cheering to see that, after deciding pah! We don’t need no scientists on the drugs advice council!, the decision has been taken to appoint an anti-drugs hardliner to the ACMD. Because after taking away the need for scientists, who should be able to weigh evidence in an unbiased way (if they’re worthy of the name), it’s obvious that what’s needed is an utterly biased board member.

Oh yes – this guy, Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, is not just an anti-drugs hardliner with connections to extreme Christian groups. He’s also a raging homophobe. The extreme Christian group he belongs to are interested in ‘healing homosexuality.’ Always a warning sign. Also, according to the Times, he was a co-author of a report on gay marriage in Canada that stated (I can’t remember the exact wording), ‘any attempt to legalise gay marriage should bear in mind the link between homosexuality and paedophilia.’ Bad science AND homophobia in one sentence!

And the Government has appointed him. Basically, it’s said, ‘we don’t care that you’re a raging homophobe and bloody-minded science wannabe. We’re going to put you in a responsible position and give you a platform because we think you’re great!’ (since all appointments are apparently made on merit. Damn that’s a scary thought, if he’s the best they can find…) They’re not getting paid, so that’s something – at least we’re not paying him.

Sometimes I hope that maybe, scientific/medical training teaches people to examine their prejudices and be flexible in the face of opposing evidence. Then something like this comes up.


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