I… have been making this list for a while, although it’s still very incomplete. However, I decided to post it in response to a close family member’s total fail. It starts out fairly general, then gets specific to my own situation. It’s a list of things that will get someone blacklisted as a person not to be trusted if I hear or hear about them. Generally I just note them in my own head, but I’ve been trying to get them down on paper computer.

If you do one or more of the following;

–          Subscribe to any kyriarchal viewpoint –

–          Believe that any group is less deserving of rights due to any factor –

–          Use homophobic/sexist/racist/transphobic/ableist/other slurs –

–          Bolster colonialism –

–          Believe that trying not to be offensive is ‘political correctness’ and therefore worthy of ridicule and denigration –

–          Victim-blame –

–          Knowingly erase and deny people’s existence and humanity –

–          Misgender people –

–          Drop kyriarchal shitbombs and then call them jokes –

–          Drop kyriarchal shitbombs and then don’t call them jokes –

–          Slut-shame –

–          Deliberately deny your own privilege –

–          Support rape culture –

–          Spout faux-science bullshit that supports kyriarchy –

–          Objectify & fetishise –

–          Believe that poor people bring their woes on themselves –

–          Blame and stereotype fat people –

–          Disregard consent –

–          Blame the poor who cheat the system of peanuts more than the rich who cheat the system of peanut farms –

–          Are anti-choice –

–          Tell me repeatedly that I am my assigned sex –

–          Tell other people repeatedly that I am my assigned sex/gender –

–          Think, as a cis & binary person, that you know the issues involved in an agender identity better than I do –

–          Fail to recognise that there is no universal standard for sex, and that the only universal standard for gender is a person’s own self –

–          Try to take away my right to name myself and my body as I am comfortable with –

–          Value the social order above the health and wellbeing of me and others like me –

–          Disregard my requests for respect, for me or for others –

–          Want me to wear garments that set off my dissonance –

–          Think that my lack of gender does not matter –

–          Try to tell me what my experiences mean –

–          Think that me asking for respect is taking it too far –

–          Force me into situations that make me feel unsafe or set off my dissonance –

–          Tell me repeatedly that I and others like me will never be acknowledged to exist as we are and that our selves will never be recognised or respected –

–          Tell me that the above is not worth fighting for –

–          Tell me that all social justice is not worth fighting for –

then I do not trust you. Even if you are my nearest and dearest.

  1. kennedia says:

    What does the term cis binary mean?

    • JKBC says:

      I meant cis and binary – there maybe should have been a comma or ampersand there (inserted!). Cis = assigned gender/sex and own knowledge of gender/sex all match up. Binary = belonging to either side of the gender binary, ie man/male or woman/female.

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