You, sir, are overprivileged

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Bloody Tories, Bodies, Damned binaries, Finance, Gender, Politics, Sexism
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Trigger warning for discussion of rape and excessive, bigoted male privilege. Apologies for forgetting it.

Yes, of COURSE it’s (cis) men who’re getting the raw deal. And of COURSE I’m not being sarcastic at all. Why, don’t we know that the majority of rape victims aren’t female-assigned and/or identified? That female-assigned and/or identified people are generally believed as a matter of course in all court cases and never, ever silenced, all on account of them being FA/I people? That they earn more than male-assigned and/or identified people? That their appearances aren’t constantly policed and regarded as the most valuable thing about them? That their voices are mostly heard, listened to and respected? That their reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy are rarely compromised?

Oh wait. I wrote ‘female assigned and/or identified’ where I should have written ‘male assigned and/or identified’. Yes, Mr Raab, we do indeed live in a patriarchy. So no, Mr Raab, feminists are not ‘bigoted.’ I think I can diagnose this as a classic case of displacement of one’s own faults. (during this post, ‘women’ stands for female-assigned and/or identified and ‘men’ for male-a a/o i)

Right. Let’s deconstruct your argument (most points are summarised). ‘Men work longer hours.’ Because in a patriarchy, the man is the provider and the woman is judged incapable of this role.

‘Men die earlier.’ Men are socialised to believe that masculinity=toughness. This means they’re less likely to go to a doctor for what seems like a minor complaint but could be the start of something serious. Also, they suffer more stress for several reasons, including the reason specified above and the fact that the man’s role is that of power and authority.

‘Men are discriminated against as regards paternity leave.’ The patriarchy believes that women are the only gender that can care for children, and forces them to do so. Therefore, because the patriarchy enforces a rigid binary, men cannot do these things. So yeah, you’re taking an aspect of women’s oppression and using it as an example of men’s oppression.

‘Men are generalised about.’ And women aren’t? Seriously, we live in a positive snake-pit of gender stereotypes. Women are all obsessed with their looks. Women are more emotional. Women are better carers. Women are weak. Women this, women that. Oh noes the menz are coming in for some of that. I’m sorry, Mr Raab, I really don’t think you’ve got anything to complain about.

‘Battle of the sexes/gender warfare.’ Grow up. That kind of thing is best left behind in primary school. And if you’d read anything more than one or two sentences of feminism, especially the more recent stuff, you’d know that your phrase is ridiculous. Feminists do not hate men. They hate patriarchy. It seems you do too. Now stop snivelling, ditch the Tories and do something about it.

Good! I found his actual stuff! More to deconstruct!

Mr Raab, you cherry-pick your data. You used women in their twenties as an example of your ‘non-existent pay gap’ for a reason; these are the women the patriarchy can tolerate. They’re young, attractive, often childless. After this point, the pay gap increases.

‘Boys are educationally disadvantaged.’ Yes – because the patriarchy tells them that the qualities needed to succeed educationally are ‘feminine’ and therefore off-limits!

‘Fathers lack access rights.’ Because the patriarchy believes that childcaring is ‘feminine’ and therefore doesn’t want men having any part of it, thinking that teh wimmenz are the only gender that can do the caring and that therefore THEY SHOULD, DAMMIT, THEY SHOULD.

‘Britain’s not perfect, and we will never eradicate all human prejudice. But, we have reached a stage where the differences between men and women in our society are less reflective of overt discrimination, and more their common challenge of trying to find the right way to earn a decent quality of life for their family, whilst sparing some time to enjoy it. That means taking a consistent approach to equality, ditching outdated gender warfare and finding practical solutions to the challenges couples go through together.’ This whole paragraph is you speaking through your cis male rose-tinted glasses. Talk to a couple of your female friends or relatives.

And ‘the double standard of sex morals’? You’re saying this goes against men? Holy crap! See my first paragraph. Also, slut/stud double standard, virgin/whore dichtonomy, privileging of masculinity, real/fake dichtonomy, androcentricism…

So yes, Mr Raab. Hopefully what you have taken away from this is that 1) your problem is with patriarchy. 2) women come off worse in a patriarchy. 3) feminists fight patriarchy (and if you’re going to criticise them, do it legitimately; criticise the transphobic, racist, kyriarchal history and current subsets of feminism rather than a strawman). 4) you need to educate yourself. However, I doubt that these points will ever reach you, and if they did I doubt you’d listen. *Sigh* Whyever did we vote in the Tories again?


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