Not a royalist

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Capitalism, Education, Politics
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Erratic capitalisation alert.

Apparently my old primary school is having its own ‘Royal Wedding’. I am incredibly thankful that I am looong, looong, looong gone.

Now then, never mind the unpleasant patriarchal undertones of much of the coverage of the actual thing, about how a woman is Marrying Her Prince. Middleton herself, as more than a face and a name, has basically been buried under the torrents of Male! Royalty! ZOMG! I’m – let’s just call it Not A Royalist – anyway, so this whole business is striking me as somewhat ridiculous. After all, none of us have anything more important to care about, as our young people’s futures are being thrown away, our most vulnerable members of society shunted out entirely, and huge swathes of the population designated ‘lesser’.

But still. Let’s just teach our children that a Heterosexual Marriage is The Thing To Aspire To. I haven’t been told how they’re doing it, whether they’re targeting the kids who are enrolled as female more than those enrolled as male – although I logically think they must be, since a primary school version of a Royal Wedding is almost certainly going to try to appeal to the Disney Princess mentality. I mean, come on – there’s nothing else that a bunch of children could be doing, is there? Nothing more long-term beneficial, nothing less kyriarchal, nothing more fun, nothing more useful? After all, who doesn’t want to have children celebrate an occasion that will siphon money away from the services that those children need and will need in the future? What other way will we get them to accept rich folks stomping all over their futures?

Way to enforce the messages of compulsory heterosexuality. Way to enforce the idea that hereditary, unearned power is a Fine and Beautiful and Good thing. Way to entrench kyriarchy.


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