Dear Party Leaders (I swear this was meant to be a general news post)

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Bloody Tories, Capitalism, Finance, Labour (who deserve the 'bloody' less than the Tories), Lib Dems, Politics
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Well, Mr Miliband, it would be really nice to hope that you actually care about us. There’s some ideas I’m not comfortable with – I’m not sure what you mean by this expectation that each generation will be more prosperous and have greater chances than the last, but the first part especially sounds suspiciously capitalist and… capitalism has failed. Also not sure about this ‘British Promise’ – sounds ominously nationalist, which does no-one any favours and is quick to lead to xenophobia. I hope you’re also going to try to show that you care about the other groups that have been thrown under the bus, like the non-conventionally abled and anyone legally or socially classified as female.

Oh, Mr Clegg. Do me a favour. Look at your life, look at your choices. Actually no. Do that, then play your words back at yourself. You want an economy not built on debt? Why the fuck are you making debt unavoidable for a huge proportion of the country, then? The economy is built to a large extent on the citizens. If we’re in debt, then yes, you have got an economy built on debt. The only difference is, you can argue that it’s not your problem because we should have been more careful. Oh wait we can’t. Because of you and your pals the Tories. Well what to do about that. Oh right – talk about intergenerational theft like you’re not doing it. Because taking away our futures and our services and our resources isn’t fucking intergenerational theft. And investing in education? Well, that would be nice. But I think we’re working off different definitions of investment, Mr Clegg.

And Mr Cameron, your pet scheme isn’t working because of your pet policies. I wonder how that happened. Oh yes, you’re a Tory. Seriously, if it wasn’t that it was me that’s going to be screwed by all the shit you’re pulling rather than you, I’d be laughing at you.

And on a much lighter note, good luck, Wales. You’ve got the Old Enemy tonight. It’s bad that there’s loads of injuries and that you always get the Friday night games, but hey, most of the country still watches.


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