Great! Little update

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Science, Sexuality
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This abominable ‘Doctor’ is gone from the ACMD. And it’s because he failed to disclose his authorship of a blatantly homophobic paper. Some folks are saying that his homophobia shouldn’t have affected his appointment or dismissal (but that he was correctly dismissed for bad science.) Hmm. Bad science would have been a perfectly good reason to dismiss him, it’s true. But his homophobia has nothing to do with his religious values. You can’t say, ‘you can’t sack someone because of their religious values,’ as a defence for a homophobe. Because homophobia is not a part of Christianity. Homophobic views are not Christian views. They are downright hateful, which is the antithesis of the love advocated by Christianity. I am an atheist, but I went to a Church school for years, know about the Biblical views on sexuality and know many Christians – and homophobia is not a part of the Christian faith. And frankly? I don’t see why we shouldn’t sack someone for having discrimatory, bigoted views. In fact, that’s a damn good reason for a sacking.


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