In this together my arse.

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Bloody Tories, Capitalism, Finance, Politics
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We’re all in this together, they say. Austerity, they say.

My arse. Yes, EVERYONE can afford £3000 on internships for their kids. EVERYONE can afford to work for nothing. Fuck you, rich politicians. Fuck you. I’m sick of your bullshit.

Look, here’s the ladder. Look how easy advancing up it is! (what we’re not telling you is that you have to pay a fee to get us to take the grease and the trick mechanism off the bottom rung) But come on! It’s easy! Why, I guess our kids must just be the best at this! (what we’re not telling you is that we paid their fee for the rung for them…)

This seems like a drop in the ocean, when half the globe is burning and our leaders are eating our money – but it’s not. This is where they’re shitting out that money. This is how they are trying to create a new aristocracy, founded not on titles but on parents’ wealth. And by aristocracy, I’m not talking about the general name for the ‘elites’. I’m talking about aristocracy as the word means, where it follows the same pattern as democracy, autocracy etc. Rule by the ‘best’, in a capitalist system, where ‘best’ is ‘most wealthy.’

We need to stop being taken in. If there is anyone out there still who really thinks it’s good to have this kind of distinction between our leaders’ dynasties and our own, you need to wake up and smell the blood. The people we were born to do not affect our worth. Their money does not affect our worth.


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