Posted: March 5, 2011 in Capitalism, Finance, Health, Science
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Auntie Beeb, nooooo… It seems that senior BBC staff have instructed journalists to use the word ‘savings’ rather than ‘cuts’ to describe the Government’s CUTS to public spending. I am now going to capitalise the word CUTS just to emphasise it. It seems that spokespeople for the BBC are denying it, despite reports from journalists. At least there is resistance within the BBC.

Hello, news does not mean euphemism. When you report news, you report it free of bias. You’re perfectly at liberty to then have opinion pieces, but you use the facts. And these aren’t savings. They’re CUTS. Public spending is being CUT to move the debt from the country to the people of the country. The word saving is applicable where you manage to provide the same things for a lower price. A CUT is where you take away needed money and force people to pay more for the same service, possibly privatising it into the bargain.

Ouch. Lovely. I really hate England’s system of charging for prescriptions. Hello, folks, NOT EVERYONE IS RICH. This is an incentive for people not to go to the doctor with minor complaints, instead letting the problem get worse until eventually the NHS has to pick up a massively inflated bill (and that’s just the economic argument. The human argument is People > Profit. People have a right to healthcare. Putting off getting medical attention for economic reasons risks lives.) Okay, it’s not as bad here as it is in the USA – that system, of billing for all health care and having to buy medical insurance, is absolutely unspeakably awful – but I’m still going to speak up against it because the cost is going up, and it could lead to a slippery slope.

REALLY, Mervyn? What a SHOCK! Why, no-one had noticed that banks were putting profit before people… /endsarcasm. And are you going to walk the walk, Mr. King? You’ve talked the talk – now walk the goddamn walk.

It’s dubious whether the European Commission’s recommendations about carbon emissions will be heeded at all, but… all this is pretty alarming. Cutting carbon emissions is probably going to help with global warming – I don’t talk science and the environment on here often enough, but a high-CO2 mix of gases heats faster than a low-CO2 mix with the same amount of energy, (and does anyone know how to do subscript on WordPress? EDIT – doesn’t seem to be working for some reason, never mind…) – and global warming is certainly going to be detrimental to the environmental. Ignoring that is something we do at our peril. We need to reduce our emissions, and fast. We’ve been ignoring the growing problem for too long.

  1. TalieC says:

    Of all the doublespeak, SAVINGS?!

    and does anyone know how to do subscript on WordPress?

    WordPress uses plain HTML. The code for subscript is [sub], with angle brackets instead of square brackets. I usually reference this when I’m writing my stuff.

    • JKBC says:

      It’s ridiculous. And this from possibly the biggest news organisation in the country…

      Thanks! Corrected the 2 in CO2. EDIT – didn’t work in the main piece, although it did in the comment. Dammit. I’m sure I’ll work it out one day… Still thanks, though.

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