Posted: March 12, 2011 in Lib Dems, Politics

Sorry for the abject lack of posting, folks. Life becomes overwhelming sometimes. I’ve had basically no energy at all. Finally got round to making some kind of a post, and it’s pretty pathetic. My apologies.

In the Times today, I noticed that Clegg at least has realised that not everyone in Britain is white and male. He says that his party is too white and male to be representative. This is true. They’re planning to introduce a quota system, I believe (the paper got recycled…), for women, ethnic minorities and non-conventionally able folks, which may or may not improve things, depending on whether they actually change the political climate. Right now, the political climate is not welcoming to anyone who isn’t white, male, conventionally able, straight, cis, rich or otherwise privileged.

Also, my heart goes out to everyone affected by the earthquake/tsunami originating in Japan yesterday afternoon. Google has a people finder, among other things. There are many organisations to which (links are just to some of them) donations can go to, although I would advise a quick Google of the organisation’s past activities; the Red Cross, for example, has an awful history with non-het/non-cis people. I’ve seen a load of really callous, racist, inhuman bullshit around on the internet about this disaster – it’s totally inexcusable. You wouldn’t have thought that anyone SERIOUSLY THOUGHT that WWII was an excuse for celebrating deaths today, but somehow people appear to.


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