Special snowflake

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Damned binaries, Gender, Kyriarchy
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I’ve been called, in different terms, a wannabe ‘special snowflake’ for fighting for my non-gender to be recognised (hey, isn’t that an indictment of the binarism of society? Just ‘recognised,’ not ‘embraced’ or even ‘accepted’). I’ve seen other non-binary folks called that and other terms that mean the same for their fight to have their gender/s/non-gender/s to be recognised. I won’t link – the people don’t deserve the attention, and it’s bloody harrowing to read.

No. The ‘special snowflake’ idea does not apply. We’re not trying to be special. We’re only as unique, only as special, as anyone else. It’s just that society does not recognise who we are, so we have to fight for our selves to be recognised. That doesn’t make us special. That makes the ones who don’t have to fight for the same things privileged.

Any movement that is fighting the kyriarchy is not fighting for special status, not if it’s worthy of its anti-kyriarchy name. We are fighting for recognition as worthy human beings like any others. We are fighting for an end to unearned privilege. We are fighting to stop being trodden on by the ones who are privileged over us.

So no, we’re not ‘special snowflakes.’ We’re not inventing this stuff because we can’t accept that we’re men/women. We can’t accept that we’re men/women BECAUSE WE’RE NOT MEN/WOMEN. It’s really quite simple. Sure – if you’re (cis; trans binary folks should have a good idea) binary yourself, you’ll never know how we know that. But that doesn’t mean you get to invalidate our self knowledge. If that concept held, then you can’t possibly be a man because I’m not one. See? It doesn’t work.

Denying our self knowledge is an act of bigotry, oppression, and violence. Calling us special snowflakes for needing that self knowledge to be recognised is also an act of bigotry, oppression and violence. It implies that we are not human – that we do not know our selves – that we are not deserving of the rights of the binary majority. And we are.

I have no doubt that much of this holds true for other axis of oppression, as well.

  1. The Nerd says:

    When I told my friends I want to be referred to as ze/hir, I got some responses like “that’s difficult” and “i’ll try”, but I also got some responses like “oh yeah? well my pronoun is now ‘cheesegrater’!” Take a wild guess which of my friends I’m still close with.

    • JKBC says:

      Ew, that’s awful. I’m sorry that happened. With ‘friends’ like these…

      (Sorry this comment didn’t appear earlier, I’m away and barely have any internet access. It got caught in spam for some reason.)

  2. SASE says:

    I hope you don’t mind, but I like to look at all views of a certain topic before reply, and it came to my attention people are angry at “speciel snowflakes.” I hope it’s alright if I bring you’re view into the discussion on tumbler? Create a link?

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