Bah humbug II

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Capitalism, Kyriarchy, Politics
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Sorry, comrades, you haven’t heard the last of this subject yet.

There is one more problem with the institution of the monarchy that I failed to mention in the wedding-themed post – it didn’t seem to quite fit with the rest – but that needs to be pointed out.

The fact that the monarchy exists sends a message, and socialises people into the idea that it is normal, right and good for social position to depend on ascribed status. Ascribed status is the status that is decided for you/present in you at birth, and it is ascribed status that often forms the basis of oppression and privilege. Sometimes you have a different self to the one you were ascribed – it’s still to do with ascribed status. Sometimes the self you were ascribed is in conflict with the patterns of privilege in a society, and that’s definitely ascribed status.

That’s appalling. No wonder the kyriarchy is so happily entrenched in our minds, while the position of our goddamn Head of State is based on ascribed status. These people get wealth and power because they happened to be born into the royal family. Therefore, we do not get wealth and power because we were not. The continued presence of them in our political and social discourse legitimises this.

It’s wrong. We are all equal, ascribed status, tradition and kyriarchy be damned.

I promise I’ll shut up and stop inflicting the discussion upon your screens now.


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