Care or the lack of it

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Bodies, Capitalism, Health, Kyriarchy
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The margins are dangerous places to be. When the paper needs to be made smaller, it is always the margins that are cut off first.

We’re seeing this at the moment as regards older folks and those who are not conventionally able, especially so where the two coincide (which they do, a lot). The care system is showing itself to be more the ‘lack of care’ system, as money becomes the prize and the limit, the people the burdens with which some kind of profit must be made.

People are more important than profit, and the idea that anyone should be regarded as less important than money is utterly despicable and wrong. And it’s always going to hit the less privileged groups the hardest, especially those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged by society’s refusal to accommodate them.

Kyriarchy and our capitalist system seems to have it in for those lacking age and ability privileges. The kyriarchy has built society in a way that disadvantages them, and capitalism sees that and defines them as unproductive, unprofitable. The two conspire to prevent people from getting what they need in order to maintain a level of wellbeing that is comfortable for them, and what they need to function in a society that has long grown up to ignore their needs.

As a person with the privilege of youth and the probable privilege of conventional ability, this is not my struggle to narrate. But I am outraged by the reports of ill-treatment, of the love of money supplanting care and compassion and dignity. I am outraged by this, and I am also frightened for the people who are in the system and for the people who will be.

As our population ages, it is possible that the greater numbers of people in the system will become a catalyst to reform, to a better model of care and treatment. That pressure, placed by a population that wields ever more economic and social power as it becomes bigger, might force things to change. That’s the hopeful outlook. There is also the possibility that our system will become more broken as it struggles to cope with the weight of numbers, with the money being reduced and running repairs being cobbled on. If we are called upon too much more to bail out capitalist excesses, this may become even more of a possibility.

My apologies if I have made an overprivileged fail in this post, since this is a sphere in which I have privilege. Please don’t be afraid to nuke me.

  1. I think it’s okay, to me at least that sounded a lot more like an aknowledgement than an appropriation.

    • JKBC says:

      Thank you. It’s just so easy to make a massive fail and not notice that I make sure that I always put those bits on to make it as clear as possible that people I may have wronged will be listened to and their protests acted on, because that so often doesn’t happen and I want this to be an accountable space.

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