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Apologies for the lack of posts. Life. New morning/afternoon routine that involves a bike and extreme tiredness. Not feeling well. All the normal excuses! However, I will try, after this rather substandard post, to get back to a regular, plentifulĀ posting schedule.

I define my sexuality as pan/demisexual. Simple reasons – aesthetically attracted to and open to mental connection with people of any gender, but with sex as basically the bottom of the priority list. But if someone were to be attracted to me – to any non-binary person – what would they call it?

Most terms for sexuality exclude non-binary folks already. Gay/homosexual – possible, although unlikely; for me, that would mean being only attracted to agender folks. Heterosexual – once you take that out of the binary, HEAD EXPLOSION. Hetero means different. So if I, as an agender person, was attracted to androgynes, I’d be heterosexual. AndĀ a woman attracted to genderqueer people would be heterosexual. And a neutrois person attracted to men would be heterosexual. Lovely. Confusing.

As for bisexual? It doesn’t automatically erase us, although the assumption that it means men and women does. A person attracted to genderqueer folks and bigender folks would be bisexual. Polysexual is okay, although people WILL get it muddled with polyamorous – polysexual=attracted to many genders/nongenders, polyamorous=capable of loving more than one person at once. Pansexual is so broad it encompasses anything, although there are a lot of BIRDSHITS who think it means ‘men, women and trans folks’ (ie binary trans folks). Er, no – the whole concept is due to the fact that THERE ARE MORE THAN TWO GENDERS HELLO. There are other terms, some not even related to gender – for example, sapiosexual is attracted to intelligence.

I have liked terms like gynophilic and androphilic in the past, and they’re great for the binary genders. But non-binary folks? Nothing. Neutrophilic is probably a possible for neutrois folks, and androgynophilic for androgynes – the rest of us get left with strange put-together sounding terms. Agendophilic – bigendophilic – genderqueerophilic (oh dear. first two were all right, third one went a bit wrong).

It’s a conundrum. Rambling post is rambling. Sexuality can be fluid anyway, so it probably doesn’t matter much. Just one more area of language build with our door walled off though…