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Welsh students are to be protected from the university fees increase. The Welsh Assembly Government is going to subsidise fees above the current level by ‘top-slicing the teaching grant for Welsh universities’. Now, this policy isn’t certain yet. However. On the surface, it’s a good thing, and I’m personally glad about it… but. One, what the hell is ‘top-slicing’? Does that mean cutting? And does that mean that Welsh universities’ teaching standards will go down? If so, that’s something to be considered. Two, while I like the Assembly Government’s viewpoint, I really wish that England would follow suit. Only with a lot of caution if it means cutting teaching budgets still further. It’s still not fair to make English students foot the entire cost of an education that will benefit the whole country, and it’s even less fair if students from other UK countries are protected from the fees increase, although it’s true that Wales is generally poorer than England and will probably be hit harder by UK-wide cuts. I still support the student protests nationwide.

We have hate crime figures for England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2009. 52,028 recorded crimes. What is wrong with the world? Most of the crimes reported were racially motivated. There were also significant figures for the rest of the classifications given; ‘religious belief, sexual orientation, disability or transgender issues.’ Of course, we know that there are always huge inaccuracies in these figures because so many hate crimes go unrecorded – and some hate crimes may not end up called such. Many people find that they can’t or won’t trust the police, sometimes because of the very thing they were targeted for, and so don’t report crimes.

So ‘Dolly‘ is alive and well – or her clones are. This will be interesting, to see how these four turn out, whether their lifespans are affected by being clones.