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Trigger warning for discussion of rape (sorry I didn’t put it up earlier)

We have an update on this case, in which a woman was jailed after being coerced into retracting rape allegations. It seems that her husband, against whom the allegations were made, broke bail conditions, but no official action was taken over it, which allowed him to manipulate her into retracting allegations and thus forcing the police to drop the case.

But yet, she still has a criminal conviction. For the crime of being human, and being violated, and being hurt, and being vulnerable. For being put into a situation in which she was the victim. It’s wholly ridiculous. And also… he has custody of the children, which she is currently trying to change.

Honestly, ‘no longer seen as a credible witness.’ Here we’re getting down to the idea of ‘The Rape Victim,’ and the mistreatment of those who deviate from that ideal. In what way does being affected and intimidated by someone who evidently was abusive at a point when she shouldn’t have even been in contact with him make her a less credible witness?



Posted: November 23, 2010 in Bodies, Law, Sexual violence
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Trigger warning for rape culture

Sense has, sort of, prevailed. A woman was jailed after retracting rape charges. Now, the Court of Appeals has overturned that sentence, and replaced it with community service and two years of supervision.

There’s still something a bit off about the sentence. The words are right; people victimised in these ways become vulnerable, there needs to be compassion in the legal system, and this sort of case often stems from pressure. I still don’t support the fact that she is being punished, but jail was utterly wrong.

But is it an ‘extreme case’? Hey, we live in a rape culture. We don’t hear about these cases because the pressure is so extreme, the victim doesn’t even report. The only things that were more extreme than is always true of rape cases about this case were the wrongness of rape culture and the reaction of the legal system.

Just no.

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Gender, Health, Law, Sexual violence
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Trigger warning for rape and rape culture.

Holy crap. A woman has been jailed for falsely retracting rape charges – the story seems complicated, but the outcome should not. It appears that she may have been pressured into retracting them by her husband (rapist?) and his sister.

Prosecutor Simon Parry is quoted as remarking that ‘alarm bells started ringing for prosecutors when the woman admitted she and her husband had consensual sex soon after the alleged rapes.’ Yeah but – no. The victim having ‘consensual’ (and if the rape allegations are true, I sincerely doubt the quality of consent there) sex with someone who has raped them is not a reason for alarm bells to go off. There are many reasons consent may have been given, and frankly other episodes are nothing to do with the case.

She should not have been jailed. Rape is a highly traumatic experience that no-one should have to go through. There is so much wrong with the judicial system’s treatment of rape, and so little empathy in the system’s approach to it. This verdict will only hurt. There is a clear lack understanding and compassion in the verdict, and it will, as the director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition Holly Dustin says, send out ‘a chilling message that parts of the criminal justice system are still in the dark ages in relation to sexual violence and do not understand the pressure women come under from perpetrators during the legal process. The potential threat of prosecution makes it less likely that women will report.’